How to save your skin from the harsh winter blow?

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We wait for a long time for the temperature to drop and the nip in the air, so that we can finally get our winter coats out and sip in hot tea. While cooping up indoors and taking hot showers is quite tempting, the cold weather can take a serious toll on our skin. Have you ever felt the change in your skin as soon as you step outside which goes from soft to dry and flaky during chilly winters? It doesn’t matter how many times you moisturize your skin, the cold harsh winter will strip your skin of its natural oils. We at The Herbal Blend believe that the actual remedy lies in your grasp. So fret not, we have the perfect winter skincare routine for you and you’ll be smooth-skinned all winter long.

Water is always the answer!

We tend to drink less water during winters which can cause adverse effects to the skin. During winters it doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside, dry air is infamous for notoriously removing moisture from the skin. Drinking water properly is paramount to get glowing skin and avoid aridity.

Moisturise, Moisturize and Moisturize!

We know you have read this everywhere that you need to moisturize your skin but the main key here is to use the right products. Use moisturizers to keep your skin healthy and preserve its firmness. Avoid products that have alcohol to avoid dryness. You can choose from the plethora of products at The Herbal Blend to rejuvenate your skin. We highly recommend Grandma’s secret body butter as a saviour for your winter woes.

Establish a night skincare routine

Okay, so the warmth in your blanket might swift you away to a heavenly bliss but to battle the dry winters, you must establish a night skincare routine to revivify your skin. At night, the skin has time to rest for about 7-8 hours and repair damages so that you can wake up with radiating and nourished skin.

Lukewarm water is your best friend

Yes! Long hot showers are very tempting. We agree, but it can be really dangerous for your skin. Hot water can make your skin dry so the only remedy here is to use lukewarm water to keep the natural oils of your body intact.

Hand to Toe!

We always take an extra step to keep our face healthy and nourished but often forget our hardworking hands and feet. Opt for The Herbal Blend’s, super moisturizing hand and foot balm immediately after a shower for a soft glow and keep one in your bag so that you can use it whenever you want.

It’s the season to enjoy the chilly winter magic and by following the above-mentioned tips can breathe a new life in your skin and revitalize its innermost core during the harsh and dry winters.

Trust us! Using the handcrafted and natural products of The Herbal Blend and including them in your skincare routine can make your skin well-nourished and leave an incandescent glow on your skin.

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