How to scrub your skin woes away?

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Does it seem that no matter how much you do your skin lacks lustre and seems dull? Today most of us have a basic skincare regime which we follow religiously with moisturizer and facial cleanser as our star products. We might even throw in a facial mask in the weekly mix for that extra glow but we tend to forget one of the most important products of them all which is a scrub. We at The Herbal Blend believe that the addition of scrub can work wonders for your skin.

Buff the dead skin cells away!

Your skin constantly repairs and replaces itself which can result in a build-up of dead cells, dirt and oil making you look dull. This is where the skin scrub steps in, which helps in gently exfoliating your skin to reveal a supple and smooth effect. You can go for our special Lavender pure essential scrub which will remove all dead skin cells leaving a rejuvenated skin and an incandescent glow. The addition of walnut husk will soothe your skin texture and give you a culminating experience.

Don’t forget your lips!

You can try our dark chocolate lip scrub which is infused with naturally blended products such as dark chocolate, cocoa butter, honey, shea butter to say goodbye to dry lip and result in smooth nourished lips. Applying lipstick to dry lips can make it look flaky and shabby, try applying this scrub before lipstick application for a more alluring look.

Kick the dryness away!

Your skin can be dry due to a variety of factors that can make your complexion dull and ruin your look. The addition of scrub in your skincare routine can help you battle dry skin as well as address your other skin concerns. The Herbal Blend’s lavender pure essential scrub can help you fight dry skin and give you radiant nourished skin which you deserve. Imagine putting foundation on dry skin which results in flaky and patchy skin, hereby including this scrub in your routine can kick dryness to the curb, so that you can have flawless skin.

There is no hard and fast rule on how you should exfoliate you can just include scrubbing in your skincare regime and do it once or twice a week to have a baby-soft, nourished and smooth skin with continued use over time.

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