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Here at The Herbal Blend, we believe that the power of beauty lies within every individual, you just need the right ingredients to scratch the surface and reveal the healthier and gleaming skin. Our recipes come from long-kept secrets of the ancient traditional recipes which have come to life by extensive research and modification to suit today’s modern needs. Our products are handcrafted from the best ingredients from nature’s vast granary which includes natural herbs, and pure essential oils to revivify your body and present healthier and nourished skin.


Our goal is to understand the skin care needs of individuals today who lead fast paced lives and innovate our products in such a way as to universalize the concept of beauty to be more than just a pretty face which can be achieved by using herbal products than chemically infused ones.


Every ingredient which is a part of our product is there for a therapeutic reason as we do not believe in using fillers of any kind. All the ingredients are formulated by us which are natural, high standard and food grade. With our products range from grandma’s secrets clay mask to lip care, soaps, and scrubs. We are a one-stop solution to all your skin care needs. We have listed our common ingredients to give you a better idea of our products.

Created with: Natural ingredients, plant-based, food grade, cold pressed oils, pure essential oils, recyclable packaging, and many other certified natural ingredients.
Created without: Chemically induced ingredients, fillers, parabens, synthetic ingredients, mineral oils, petroleum.

Other than creating our products which give you noticeable results for common problems such as acne, pigmentation, marks etc we also believe in personal rejuvenation by customizing our products according to the needs of our customers. You can interact with our experts and customize your products according to your need and skin type.


We started in 2016 with a background in pharmacy which lead to us to do research and development of herbal care products with no chemically induced ingredients. We believe in using 100% fresh and natural ingredients which doesn’t harm even the tiniest iota of the skin. We believe in interacting with our consumers and understanding their skin care needs.
Using natural products is not a new concept as today many people are inclining towards herbal products for their skin. So what makes us stand out from others? The answer to this is very simple. We provide you with the liberty to test the product yourself to see the results first hand. This way you can make a decision with your personal experience. If you feel any ingredient is missing or needs to be added you can interact with our experts and customize a product made just for your skin.

We thrive to make our products which are the perfect blend of modern technology and natural ingredients. We follow the principle of herbal standard which is, if you can’t eat it then it is not to be used for your skin.

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The Herbal Blend is the destination for best herbal products that protect, nourish and rejuvenate your body. Our recipes for cosmetic and personal care products are laced with natural herbs, butters and essential oils.

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Over the years our happy customer base has grown well over 5000. We take great pleasure in providing them the best skincare products.


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